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Donate to help the rescue, many of the dogs we've rescued require medical attention and your help is greatly appreciated as the bills are not always inexpensive.  Our most recent rescue already has vet bills of over $1000.00.   If you'd like to donate to the JS Rescue your donation will help these rescue JS's get healthy and find new homes.  Please send donations to:

Japanese Spitz Rescue
Irenne Burton
1100 Gravenstein Hwy North
Sebastopol, CA 95472

    Every bit helps, thank you!

Being a numerically small breed, rescues are thankfully rare but when the need arises we have a dedicated team ready to take swift action. The team is headed by the club treasurer Irenne Magoulas and all rescue matters should be addressed to her at:

Irenne Magoulas
Sebasopol, CA
707) 799-9915




Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey  "Jasper"

Owned and handled by Katrina Sandell of Kiraleea JS in Wisconsin
Earned in Ixonia, Wisconsin



Congrats to Katrina Sandell of Kiraleea JS and to Chanel her newest addition as she was awareded Best Reserve Puppy in Show 2/8/2014


  INT & UKC CH MANNERKING ORLANDO WINS BEST IN SHOW February 14, 2010 in Ixonia, Wisconsin!!!  The FIRST Best In Show UKC winner for the breed!  Way to go Orlando and owner Katrina Sandell of Kiraleea JS!



Judges Seminar September 13, 2008 - Irving, TX
 The UKC hosted a judges seminar in Irving, Texas the weekend of September 12-14, 2008.  The board members presented to the judges a seminar on the breed and it's characteristics and how to tell the JS from the AE, there was hands on portion as well so they could see and feel the differences between our younger and older dogs as well as the between males and females.  It was a very successful event and we've found some issues that need to be addressed in our standard and are now doing so with the UKC to ensure the standard is correct and true to the breed.  One major issue was gait, the other tail set and how they carry it. 

Another great issue that came out of this was that the UKC is trying hard to gain the other countries recognition as a registry as well, so we have joined forces to help them gain this as this recognition would assist us in gaining the ability to export our dogs!!! 

Upcoming Shows...
     Check out the websites for the UKC, ARBA and IABCA for upcoming shows in your area!  

The Japanese Spitz Club USA board has finalized the amendments for our by-laws... All members are asked to please look over the breeders ethics below as this was the addition to the by-laws.
          * Breeders ethics
                   * No more than 2 litters per 18 months per female
                   * No female to be breed prior to one year of age and no earlier than second
                      heat cycle.
                   * No more than 7 litters per female total and by the age of 9 years
                   * Males not to be used at stud prior to 9 months of age 
                   * ALL breeding dogs must be of sound health and free of hereditary defects
                   * Puppies to be registered with Club in addition to UKC/ARBA or other
                      registering body
                   * In all puppy packs include the JS Club membership form

Remember to please send in your 3 generation pedigree's with your registration forms.  Thank you!!!


     We continue to petition the AKC for recognition of the breed.  It will again go before the FCI committee for review.  With the recognition from the UKC and the more we begin to show at the UKC shows where there are American Eskimo's in our group the better.  The higher our numbers the better and the more likely the AKC is to consider our breed for recognition!  So please keep showing those dogs and pups!  


     October 18, 2006 the Japanese Spitz were granted admission into the UKC. With UKC recognition comes the ability to show our dogs at all UKC sanctioned events to include agility, obedience and conformation!!!  

Registration of our dogs is the same as any other organization with the exception for dogs that have been bred here in the US.  For all imported dogs send in a copy of their 3-generation pedigree from the exporting country along with the correct documentation and fees.  For those dogs bred in the US, in addition to above 3 photos' will be required showing a front, and both side views for each dog you register.  Many of the present breeders and going back and registering previous litters for those who need this which will also assist.  Please contact your breeder if you have any questions regarding this.


Our second annual specialty Japanese Spitz show was held at the Texas Classic with the UKC January 25-27, 2008 in Hutto, TX.  We had a total of four dogs at the show and two breeders at this show.... the UKC judges are finally starting to see the difference between us and the AE's!!!  Keep going to shows everyone we're getting there!  

   The results...

          Best of Breed - Mannerking Orlando

           Reserve Best of Breed- UKC CH Houndbrae Victor

           Open Class Dog -
                 1. Mannerking Orlando
                 2. AUST CH Missetsu Phantom Warrior

           Champion Class
                  1.  UKC CH Houndbrae Victor
                   2.  UKC CH Aya-San's Charming Cute Norwegian

 The first annual ARBA specialty show was held at the Windy City Classic October 2006 in Chicago, Illinois.  We had a great turn out of Japanese Spitz too!  There were a total of 8 dogs and 4 breeders present at the show.  The judges didn't know what hit them!  

    The results...

          Best in Show - International CH, ARBA CH Rowleys On Wings of Love owned
                by Kiraleea Kennels
Reserve Best in Show - Beyond Casmart Prince Teka owned by IMAG
Best of Opposites - Aya-San's Charming Cute Norwegian owned by Konalae

Champion Class Winner - INT CH, ARBA CH Rowleys On Wings of Love 
Open Class Dog
             1.  Beyond Casmart Prince Teka
             2.  AUST CH Missetsu Phantom Warrior ( Warry)
             3. ARBA CH Meeko

 Bred by Exhibitor
             1.  Midwests Gazoo
9-15 months male
             1.  Mannerking Orlando
6-9 months Female
             1.  AYA-SAN`s Charming Cute Norwegian
Open female
             1.  Jasams story of Russia with Love


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